Saliva Swab Testing – Childhood Diabetes and Childhood Obesity Prevention

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Saliva swab testing has now expanded to include diabetes, obesity, cancer and other metabolism based illnesses. With the numbers of people in America who could be classified as obese and diabetic or pre diabetic the importance of prevention has become that more important. We all know that proper diet and exercise can go along way in solving this problem for some parents it may take stronger methods to provide the motivation in creating an environment conducive in accomplishing this goal. Though many parents may believe that they provide this ideal environment they may need the help of a physician and the results of clinical testing to demonstrate that there may be a more serious underlying problem.

Up until know testing for childhood diabetes and obesity took as many as four vials of blood. This process is time consuming, uncomfortable, painful even frightening for the child and parent who is obviously concerned for the safety of their child. Well the same technology that has given us the convenience of saliva drug and DNA testing has now provided an important tool for the fight against childhood diabetes and childhood obesity treatment. With a simple swipe of a swab, a saliva test sample can provide the necessary information a qualified physician can use to map a proper course of preventative action.

The saliva swab test is brand new but already proven to be more effective in its accuracy, cost and convenience. When compared to the annual cost of diabetes treatment averaging $11,000, the prospect of only having to pay $250 out of pocket for this saliva swab test is well worth the investment. If it provides the feedback and motivation a loving parent needs to take immediate action to prevent what could be a lifetime of pain dealing with these potentially debilitating diseases, the cost seems insignificant.

My New Life Today and New Life Medical Group is the exclusive provider of this test. Their plan is to launch this testing system through a network of participating physicians, company sponsored clinics and internet marketing. As you could imagine the excitement level is very high when you stop to consider the ramification of such a powerful tool in this important battle. Soon with proper exposure and consumer awareness this simple saliva swab test will go a long way in winning the war of childhood diabetes prevention and childhood obesity prevention. Many are already looking forward to the day when prevention is the preferred form of treatment to this invisible killer.

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