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Birth Control – Male Methods

September 23rd, 2021

Conventionally, the birth control methods for the males included condoms and vasectomies. However, recently, birth control shots for male contraception have been designed. This is because the procedure of vasectomy is not accurate completely. It is not totally foolproof. There are higher chances of being infertile for the rest of the life for a man. Therefore, the pharmaceutical companies are looking forward to developing pills or hormonal inhibitors which appear as more lucrative options for male birth control methods.

The male contraceptive injections

One of the most recent concepts introduced in the United States is that of the male contraceptive injections. The idea was visualised by an Indian scientist. It consists of an injection which reduces the sperm count and disables the spermatozoa which traverses through the sperm pathways. Actually, the injections comprise of a number of chemicals which formulate gels against the sperms. The life of this gel is between 10 to 15 years. Thus, once injected, the injection solution remains viable for a long time. So far, the results have been 100% effective.

For over a decade now, this male pregnancy shot is on trial in India. Now, the project has been kick started in the United States as well. Initially, the sperm stunting potential of the injection was considered as a toxic side-effect but when experimented by laboratories, the idea appears lucrative enough.

Why is it not popular with pharmaceuticals?

The injection does not have any potential financial benefits. This is because the solution remains viable for a long time interval thereby eliminating the need for any other contraceptive methods such as condoms.

However, similar to the other contraceptive options, these injections also do not offer any protection against STDs. These are ideal for couples who do not want a baby in the near future.

There are other methods which are still under development.

These comprise the following:

· Implanting minute plugs known as Intra Vas Devices, IVD which block the sperms. This method of sperm control is similar to vasectomy only there is no operation. Instead of cutting the vas deferens, the tube is plugged. This stops the sperm flow. However, research is still going on whether men will be able to impregnate their partners once the plugs are removed.